Welcome, and THANK YOU for your service to our community.

It is an honor to support our nation’s First Responders.

We are the leader in “Zero Cost Insurance” programs for life and disability insurance policies for today's Police, Firemen and EMS professionals.

As an independent team, we are aligned with a combined 35+ years of specialized experience in helping first responders - and over 50 years working in the insurance & financial services industries. If you or an immediate family member are in the Police or Fire / EMS profession, you'd be wise to contact us to help with your insurance planning needs. We think you'll be glad you did!

We also have “Zero Cost” programs that can provide up to 100% Return of ALL Premiums - GUARANTEED!

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Our unique process is FREE, but also relatively quick and easy

 For your peace of mind, applying for coverage is also non-committal on your part, as you can stop the process or cancel at any time.

Step 1 Get in touch

Contact us for more information or to receive a personalized quote. You can start right now with our simple quote request.

Step 2 Let's talk

We discuss your personal needs, revise the quotes to meet your budget and objectives while helping you take the next step in applying. Done electronically, our process saves you time with a minimal impact upon the environment.

Step 3 Check your mail

We work as your advocate, helping you overcome any underwriting challenges prior to policy approval and review any last minute changes before your policy is forwarded to you.

Step 4 Moving on...

With increased confidence, you continue with life, knowing that you’re now adequately protected for tomorrow’s “what if’s”.

From start to finish, our application process is typically simple and painless. Adjustments to coverage can always be made prior to issue / acceptance of your policy. Applying for or accepting a policy does not mean you are bound to the policy forever, as insurance policies are considered unilateral contracts, so if your facts and circumstances should change for any reason, you are free to cancel your coverage at any time.

  Ask Us About:

Zero Cost” Return of Premium rider insurance plans.

Discounted rates for Disability Income and low-cost programs for Critical Illness and Life Insurance programs.

Structuring your coverage to provide tax-free benefits to you and your loved ones.

 We're a Green company

We are proud to operate as a GREEN company to better preserve the environment for our future generations.

 Our Clients Have Said:

"The best thing I ever did was purchase that policy. I burned all my leave and was running out of savings before getting those big checks at just the right time. I didn’t realize I didn’t have to pay premiums while out on claim."

"I like this (Zero Cost option) because I get the money back later if I don’t use it."

"I’m protected on and off the job, and was able to double-dip while on light duty assignment."

"I hate insurance. But it’s necessary. And the Return of Premium rider makes sense."

"I like that it is portable after my 20 year police career is over."